Hey, I'm Adrian. 19 years old, in college. My blog. Not of anything in specific, mostly post whatever I like, which would be some nsfw and some dark things. Also anything that would makes me laugh.
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  • (1,2,3) Matador Torero Israel Lancho is gored during a bull “fight” in Madrid, Spain, 2009. AP photos 
  • (4,5) Matador Sebastian Castella is gored during in Pamplona, north of Spain. photos by Rafa Rivas
  • (6,7,8) Matador Juan Jose Padilla loses his left eye during a bull “fight”. AP Photos
  • (9,10) Julio Aparicio, one of Spain’s most famous matadors, is gored by a bull in 2010. Getty images

Holy fuck.

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